By Simon Rich

ISBN-10: 0307493962

ISBN-13: 9780307493965

In Ant Farm, former Harvard Lampoon president Simon wealthy reveals humor in a few very astounding areas. Armed with a pointy eye for the absurd and an overpowering feel of doom, wealthy explores the ridiculousness of our daily lives. the area, he concludes, is a hopelessly terrifying place–with never-ending comedian potential.

–If your female friend can provide a few “love coupons” after which breaks up with you, are the coupons nonetheless valid?

–What type of functionality strain does an endangered male panda believe while his captors convey the final ultimate lady panda to his cage?

–If murderers can get into heaven by way of accepting Jesus, simply how awkward is it after they run into their victims?

Join Simon wealthy as he explores the extreme and hilarious desperation that is living in traditional existence, from cradle to grave.

"Hilarious." –Jon Stewart

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