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I will then go on to show how this apparent difference can be resolved. Take as a typical phonological analysis within autosegmental theory Clements's (1984) analysis of the Kikuyu tone system. 3 According to Clements, each morpheme in a Kikuyu verb has a characteristic lexical tone. However, a rule (repeated as [10] here) which Clements calls Tone Shift regularly operates to link the tone lexically associated with the first tone-bearing unit one syllable to the right. This phenomenon is illustrated in (11).

Still, some features necessary for distinguishing both consonants and vowels ([high], [back], [round]) would need to be duplicated. 1 I will go into the case of Arabic infixes in some detail and discuss whether this sort of duplication (or the one to be discussed immediately below) is needed for infixes too. There is also another perhaps less obvious way of letting features be duplicated on more than one tier. A language might, for example, allow selective violations of a particular Projection Statement such that a feature Fi which is normally projected on a tier Ti in that language might appear on a different tier Tj in special circumstances, say, on a particular segment in a particular lexical item.

Since the development of the issue is covered thoroughly in Halle and Vergnaud (1982), I will not review it here. I will, however, note that Halle and Vergnaud, Clements and Ford (1979), and Pulleyblank (1983) have argued convincingly that association rules are needed even if well-formedness conventions are assumed and that in a number of casesfor example, the analysis of Tonga in Halle and Vergnaud (1982)autosegmental analyses are simplified by assuming rules rather than conventions. Therefore, in the autosegmental framework I am developing here, association will be accomplished by rule.

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