By Matt Cavanagh

ISBN-10: 0199265488

ISBN-13: 9780199265480

Nowadays virtually all people turns out to imagine it noticeable that equality of chance is at the very least a part of what constitutes a good society. while they're so obscure approximately what equality of chance truly quantities to that it may start to appear like an empty time period, a handy shorthand for how jobs (or for that topic collage locations, or positions of strength, or basically areas at the neighborhood activities workforce) could be allotted, no matter what that occurs to be.
Matt Cavanagh bargains a hugely provocative and unique new view, suggesting that the way in which we predict approximately equality and chance might be substantially changed.

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Conclusions 138 PART3. Discrimination 1. Discrimination, meritocracy, and equality 153 2. So what exactly is wrong with discrimination? 160 3. A libertarian objection 167 4. Does every kind of discrimination express contempt? 176 5. Is it unfair to use statistical judgements when dealing with people? 180 6. Giving into people's prejudices 193 7. Is discrimination wrong in itself, or because of its effects? 197 8. Conclusions 207 CONCLUSIONS 213 References 219 Index 221 Introduction 1. THE QUESTION If you ask people what we should be doing to make society a fairer place, the chances are they will say something about equality of opportunity.

For example, we might have expected egalitarians to be opposed to meritocracy, since egalitarianism emphasizes that we are all equal, whereas meritocracy is all about finding out who is the best. But many egalitarians clearly feel they can only argue for equality as an adjunct to meritocracy. They understand meritocracy to imply some kind of competition, so their egalitarianism takes the form of arguing that everyone should start the competition in an equal position, or should have an equal chance of winning.

They would argue that the two should be pursued in parallel. Since their view is, in the first place, a view about how individual applicants should be treated, they naturally assume that if their view is sound, then of course it will justify intervening directly in the way applicants are treated. It is the top-down theorists who are more likely to be tempted to rely exclusively on the indirect approach. But I have tried to show that even in their case, there is no principled reason why they have to do so.

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