By Theodor W. Adorno

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This vintage ebook by way of Theodor W. Adorno anticipates a number of the topics that experience for the reason that turn into universal in modern philosophy: the critique of foundationalism, the illusions of idealism and the top of epistemology. It additionally foreshadows some of the key rules that have been constructed via Adorno in his most crucial philosophical works, together with destructive Dialectics.

Against Epistemology relies on a manuscript Adorno initially wrote in Oxford in 1934-37 in the course of his first years in exile and as a consequence transformed in Frankfurt in 1955-56. The textual content used to be written as a critique of Husserl’s phenomenology, however the critique of phenomenology is used because the celebration for a wider critique of epistemology. Adorno defined this as a ‘metacritique’ which blends jointly the research of Husserl’s phenomenology because the so much complicated example of the decay of bourgeois idealism with an immanent critique of the tensions and contradictions inner to Husserl’s proposal. the result's a robust textual content which continues to be essentially the most devastating evaluations of Husserl’s paintings ever written and which heralded some of the principles that experience develop into regular in modern philosophy.

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What helps the subject out of its self-imprisonment is emphasized as negative. It is a danger which must be overpowered and immediately withdrawn into the preserve of the familiar. Thus empiricism agrees with its oppo­ nents and is linked to philosophy of origins. 35 Cf. LU I, p. 84; and Findlay, p. 115. INTRODUCTION 33 Motivation and Tendency of Ontology The turn to ontology, which Husserl hesitatingly began and speedily revoked, was conditioned by the downfall of the great systems, as it so abruptly and thus so imposingly terrified the Kantian critique of reason.

Such forgetfulness institutes the logical 45 in-itself. As method (Weise), the ancient wisdom understands that in the end all the scars of its miscarriages should be presented as monuments. Everything strikes it as for the good. Because mediations were frightened into the dark, the determinations, which must be renounced in the formation of general concepts, can without notice, nevertheless, be added, by philosophical need, back to the result. One does not need to observe what was left aside in order to reach ‘being in general’.

Mediacy is not a positive assertion about being but rather a directive to cognition not to comfort itself with such positivity. It is really the demand to arbitrate dialetic concretely. Expressed as a universal principle, mediacy, just as in Hegel, always amounts to spirit. If it turns into positivity, it becomes untrue. Mastering * [In English in the text. ] 25 such aporia is the perennial effort of epistemologies, though none will succeed. Every one of them stands under Anaximander’s curse, whose philosophy of being was one of the earliest but practically prophesied the coming destiny of them all.

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