By Phyllis Goldstein

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A handy Hatred chronicles a truly specific hatred via strong tales that permit readers to work out themselves within the tarnished reflect of heritage. It increases vital questions about the implications of our assumptions and ideology and the methods we, as participants and as individuals of a society, make differences among "us" and "them," correct and improper, reliable and evil. those questions are either common and specific.

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The implications were, however, of a serious nature as regards the future continuation of the whole system. It is stated in the text of the law that the male slaves were turning elsewhere and marrying from among the zimmls. According to the Employment of Slaves in the Classical Ottoman Empire 13 $eriat the offspring of a free mother is free under any circumstances. In this way the children of male demesne slaves and female zimmls were being converted to free men (ahrara miibeddel). On the other hand, female slaves of the Crown were being given in marriage to free men in return for purchase money (agtrlzk), by the officials who were responsible for running the farms.

Those slaves who were illegally enslaved could not be sold legally. And if they applied to the authorities complaining that they were freeborn Muslims of zimmfs or otherwise illegally kept in slavery, such as being sold after manumission, the court would oblige the owners to manumit such slaves and sometimes, especially when the owner was a slave-dealer, would punish him. Therefore, pencik documents served a crucial practical purpose, that of discriminating between legally and illegally enslaved people.

46 On the other hand a number of rituals suggestive of slavery lived on in the Ocak down to the very abolition of the yeni~eri army. For example, when a sultan died the yeni~eris were practically, if not legally, masterless until the accession of the new sultan to the throne. 47 In fact, many an Ottoman Grand Vezir took great pains to conceal the news of the Sultan's death. The new sultan customarily had to distribute a very substantial amount of cash to the yeni~eris, to other kapukulus and in fact to all governing askerls.

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