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25, p. 207). 34 12 Francisco Suárez: A Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics DM 1, s. 6, nn. 29–30, pp. 62–3. Cf. 981a16. 14 DM 34 contains only 8 Sections. I have not found a passage which will fit Suárez’s reference here. But, cf. DM 29, 1, n. 35, vol. 26, p. 32, where he explicitly says that actions relate to singular things. 15 Cf. 981a19. 16 Cf. S. Thomas Aquinatis, In duodecim libros Metaphysicorum Aristotelis expositio I, c. 1, lect. 1, ed. -R. P. M. P. (Taurini: Marietti, 1950), p. 9, nn.

72a29–30. 32 For this, cf. F. F. Hugonis Cavelli Hiberni. F. Mauritii de Portu Hiberni; Expositio, Lib. F. Ioannis Duns Scoti, Opera omnia, quae hucusque reperiri potuerunt, collecta, recognita, notis, scholiis, et commentariis illustrata, a PP. Hibernis, Collegii Romani S. Isidori Professoribus (Lugduni: Sumptibus Laurentii Durand, 1639), Tomus IV, p. 65b. On Antonio Andreas as author of the Expositio here, cf. E. Gilson, Jean Duns Scot: Introduction à ses positions fondamentales (Paris: Librairie Philosophique J.

25, pp. 624–27. 63 Cf. 984a21–22. 64 . ” “Intention” better fits Suárez’s sense. 65 Possibly: DM 30, 2, nn. 15–17, vol. 26, pp. 69–70; but much more probably: DM 29, s. 2, pp. ” 66 Cf. esp. DM 23, 1, n. 5, vol. 25, p. 844. This Section has special interest inasmuch as it presents Suárez’s doctrine of the metaphorical nature of final causality; on this cf. Vernon J. Bourke, Will in Western Thought: An Historico-Critical Survey (New York: Sheed and Ward, 1964), p. 178. 67 Cf. 984b14–18. 68 Cf. Phaedo 97B.

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